What is Step®?

Step® is a one-of-a-kind mobile app that rewards its users for staying fit and active. Users can earn up to $10 paid out in cryptocurrency in daily rewards using the Step® mobile app. Users can simply download and install the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The goal of Step® is to make everyone fit and also increase exposure of cryptocurrency to users around the world.

Step® helps you to both loose and gain at the same time. You can gain cryptocurrency and at the same time lose weight or stay git. In this manner you are in a win win situation using the Step® mobile app. In this digital world where little importance is given to physical and mental health, Step® aims to promote its users to constantly strive for better well-being in bodily and monitoring aspects.

There is a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 Step® tokens.

Step® as an ecosystem is far more than just a mobile application.

The components of the Step® ecosystem are listed below:

  • Along with rewards from walking , running or jogging our Step® users can also stake their Step® tokens on our staking platform.

  • Step® users can buy Step® tokens from Bitmart, Lbank, LaToken, PancakeSwap and on our walkwithstep.io website.

  • Step® users can own Step® tokens and get returns if the company grows. With a backing of a strong team, secure and privacy focused product and listings on new exchanges Step® progress is phenomenal and easily out performs the competition.

  • Step® users can mint unique and aesthetically pleasing Step® Cards (NFTs) from our minting website.

  • Step® users can resell the Step® Cards (NFTs) they previously purchased and owned on OpenSea marketplace which is a marketplace for buying and selling NFT.

  • Step® users can buy Step merchandise from our Step Shop which has world-wide shipping.

  • Step® users can sell the Step® tokens or swap them for other cryptocurrency and cash out to get fiat money in their bank accounts.

How does Step® work?

Step® is deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20).

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a smart contract-enabled high throughput blockchain that boasts low fees of around $0.15 per transaction. It offers fast and low cost transactions while having a secure and scalable network.

That's why the Step® team chose the Binance Smart Chain to deploy the Step® Token.

Anyone with a Binance Smart Chain wallet address can store Step® tokens.

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