Download the mobile app

Note: Always use the latest version of the mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Do not download the Step mobile app from any other sources than then Google Play Store as they could have malware and other backdoor viruses.

One you download the latest version of the application from the Google Play Store and it gets installed.

Open the app and you will be greeted with the below screen

We welcome our users to the Step® mobile app with our motto Get Fit and Earn Crypto.

When you go to the next screen you will see that you have to enter your nickname ( not necessarily your real name) you can add any name you like cause we at Step® value your privacy and anonymity.

Then the most important step on the Step® mobile app is entering your wallet address which has either 22,000 Step tokens or a Step® Card (NFT). As the screenshot below

On the next page you would have to connect to Google Fit account. You can use a new email address or use existing one anyways we wont use this data nor the data will be sent to the server this is only to get health related data. You can connect to your Google Fit account as shown in below screenshot

And the process is complete. And you will be shown the below welcome screen .

From here you have to walk and earn crypto as reward as simple as that.

As you can see from the above screenshot you will have the below items displayed.

  • Your BSC wallet address.

  • Collected Rewards.

  • Performance -> Steps taken and Distance Covered.

  • Fitness -> Calories and Heart beat ( Requires smart watch to be connected and synced with android device)

  • Automatic Sync date and time

  • Manual Refresh if the device is not refreshing automatically.

We even have a option to reduce eye strain if you are walking at night. We give you the Dark mode as shown below

You can view all your data on the settings page as shown in the below screen shot

And as you see in the above screenshot we have a toggle button for dark mode once toggled you will have a dark mode version of setting as shown below

The Step® mobile app was built to be minimalist, secure and easy to use in mind. Everyone can use our app in few simple steps and start earning rewards daily.

*It's necessary to walk a minimum of 4,000 steps every day to be eligible for rewards.

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