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Note - Make sure you or on the right Step® Cards (NFT) collection which is

The home page of Step® NFT on the OpenSea marketplace has a variety of resources you can browse through to get better understanding of the Step.


On the right-hand side, below the cover picture displays a number of links which will direct you to the respective pages. That includes links to Step website, Discord, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter channels and Etherscan where you can get more information about the block chain, transaction, tokens resources etc about the Step NFT. Just below that you can see the number of step NFTs and owners along with floor price and volume trade.

When you scroll down, you can browse through more than 600 NFTs which are available on the site which are already minted. You can make use of the filter on the left-hand side of the screen and also on the top bar. All the Step NFTs on the site are distinguished and embedded with detailed features which makes them highly attractive and versatile from each other.

The background colors are selected with highly artistic view so that it gives a unique touch to the whole NFT. Each NFT is has a #number to facilitate the identification process. In addition, the price of the NFT and also the number of likes given is made visible as shown below.

Step NFT collection on OpenSea

Once you decide on the NFT you want to buy, you can click on the NFT and the below page will show up which has all the detailed description about that particular NFT.

Lets take example of the above selected NFT

  • Step NFT #326 has bright 3D finished olive green background to which the right green color of the NFT is in contrast. This gives it a highly live affect altogether.

  • Notice that the NFT is wearing headband and a Step T-shirt that differ slightly in their coloring material which bring out a strong personality.

  • The shining matte finish on the eyes add a surplus feature giving it an artful facial expression.

  • Coming to the sneakers, white and black combination have made it look funky yet classy.

  • The clarity given to the shoe laces convey the importance given to even the minutest part of the NFT which is a definitive Step Quality statement on itself.

  • Talking about the properties, all the elements used in the NFT have been given a numeric value to analyze the uniqueness of each one of them.

  • You can see all the properties have a trait value which is more than 95% making the NFTs one of its kind

  • All these accounts are taken into consideration before making Step NFT so that value for money and maximum profit can be obtained.

Step NFT Property

If you scroll down from the selected NFT you can see the its properties like Background, clothing, accessories etc. which comes along with that particular NFT. Following the properties are the Details which consists of Contract address, token ID, Token Standard, the Blockchain it belongs to and the creator fees. You can see the item activity and any other information of your choice before buying it. Once finalized, click on “Buy Now” or “Make an Offer

Once you click buy now there are number of wallets options to choose from to make the payment.

Review the information

Once you review the information given you can proceed to checkout.


Once checked out you wil have sucessfully owned a Step® NFT. Congratulations on being a part of Step® Ecosystem

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