Stake Step® tokens

Note: Make sure you are at Beware of scamming sites impersonating Step. Double check the URL always for safety of your funds.

Welcome to Step the future of decentralized exchanges.

On the right top corner you can see the settings and connect to wallet options. On the left hands side of the screen the functionalities of Step like Trade, Farms, Pools, and Lottery are listed.Its a hustle free process where you just need to connect your wallet and you can start staking.

To know more about swaps and liquidity, click on settings and a pop up window will be displayed which contains information about slippage tolerance, transaction deadline, and options to enable/disable multi-hops. You can select any option according to your needs. To know more about them click on the small question mark (?) just above them as shown below.

Next click on “connect to wallet” to your wallet. If you have multiple wallets you can choose your desired wallet from the list present in the menu as shown below. If you don’t have a crypto wallet or you don't know how to connect to one. Select “Learn how to connect” and follow the step by step procedure.

Step Exchange

You can use Exchange as shown below to swap tokens.

If you want to exchange your crypto or do liquidity, you can go to Trade (left side of the screen) and select “Exchange”. Once you do that, a screen shown above will appear. Select the currencies which you want to exchange in the boxes given below. You will be easily able to exchange the currencies provided you have sufficient balance. If you need any additional information, you can select “Need help” in the right bottom of the screen.


Remove liquidity to receive tokens back.

Liquidity is the ability of a coin to be easily converted into other coins. You can click on Add Liquidity to start the process as shown below.

You can review and submit.

Step Farms

You can stake your LP tokens to earn. LP is the assurance token that proves that you invested in the smart contract of the corresponding liquidity pool as shown below.

Step Farms have 4 pairs as shown above.





Users can click on Details to Enable Farm as shown in the below image.

In farms you can check the APR , Liquidity and Multiplier and based on your requirement set you can choose the farm.

Farms require you to stake two tokens to get LP Tokens, which you then stake in the Farm to earn rewards as shown in the above pair.

Health Pools

Stake Tokens here to get high APR with low risks.

We have both automatic re-staking and manual. You can click on Details and enable the pool of your choice ( auto or manual ) as shown below

You can see the project Site.Contact and also add it to meta mask

As seen above you can claim the bounty too from auto step to your metamask wallet by click on Claim button.

Once clicked on claim you will be shown the below screen

Once claimed it will be confirmed and claimed amount will be in your metamask wallet as shown below.

Come stake your tokens and earn more rewards today.

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