Buy Step® tokens

Multiple ways to buy Step® tokens

Note: Always make sure you are buying the right Step®! Anyone can create a token with the same name but we will help you to identify which one is the legit Step®!

You could buy Step® tokens directly on our website.

One you are on our website you can see the below screen.

As you can see above, you can simply click on the Buy Step® tokens button inside the top purple banner. We have seamlessly integrated to provide an easy to purchase Step® tokens.

Once you click the Buy Step® tokens button you will be shown the screen below.

As you can see above you have the option to connect your wallet. You can click on the blue Connect to buy to connect your wallet.

Alternatively you can also purchase it with Google Pay, Apple Pay,Visa or MasterCard.

Once clicked you can see the below screen.

You can either connect Metamask wallet, Coinbase Wallet or Any other wallets.

Metamask and Coinbase are straight forward but if you select Other wallets you would have to scan the QR code and send the coins to the address.

Lets Select Metamask for this example. Once clicked on Metamask you will be presented with the below screen.

In this photo example we are converting 30 euro into 86,500 Step® tokens. Then simply click on Swap.

And that's all you have successfully purchased Step® tokens.

Alternatively you can visit various exchanges to buy and sell Step® tokens by clicking the links shown below.

Step is listed on multiple Exchanges



PancakeSwap (v2)

You can directly visit the exchanges and buy or sell Step® tokens.

Note: Apart from this if some one offers you Step® tokens via Telegram or any other site is likely to be a fraudster and will try and steal your coins so be safe. If you need any help with purchasing the Step token you can contact us via our social medias listed at the end.

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