Step® Merchandise

Once you are on the home page of Step Store, you can browse through the variety of products which step offers and choose your desired Merchandise.

Note: Make sure you are at as there are many scammer sites who pretend to be Step store. Be careful of scammers.

You can use the search function to search for your favorite merchandise or click on Shop now to see the complete range of products.

What is the use of the Step® Merchandise?

  • With all the day to day hectic and stressful schedule, one forgets about ones own health and fitness.

  • Step® designs its fashion products in such a way that it reminds you to achieve your daily milestone of fitness regime.

  • The T-shirt from Step® is a trend setter on its own. Plus wearing it encourages you subconsciously to workout more than regular.

  • It is an icon for fit lifestyle and also differentiates you from a regular person.

  • The Step® sticker on your laptop prompts you to walk every-time you close your laptop.

  • Result of which you become fitter and also gain cryptocurrency via the Step® mobile app on a daily basis.

Similarly each product on the step ecosystem is configured in such a way that it contributes to encourage the user to cultivate the fitness culture and earn cryptocurrency in the process.

You can set filters from the above and also put in your price range.

After clicking on your desired merchandise, you will be directed to the products specifications page where detailed description off your product will be given. Scroll down to see its specs and then you can either click on “Buy now” option or "Add to cart” depending on your preference.As shown in the below screenshot

After completing your shopping, click on buy now and you can see a page where you will have to fill in your details. You can also opt for express checkout using “shop pay” or “google pay”. Else, scroll down and you can continue with the conventional way. Fill in the details as specified and click “ Continue to shipping”.

A page specifying your shipping details will appear. Here you can change the address if you like or continue with the payment. You can also put the “Discount code” if you have any. In addition, your subtotal and shipping charges will be displayed. Once completed, click on “Continue to payment” as shown in the below screenshot.

Then, a payment page will appear where you need to put your card details correctly as shown in the below screenshot.

Once that is done, enter the billing address and save the information for future use.

Lastly, click on “pay now” and your order placement will be successful as shown below

Your Step merchandise will be delivered to your given address.

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