Step® Staking

With Step® Staking users can earn more by just holding step tokens in their wallets.It is an additional rewards which is apart from the rewards given for walking with he app installed.

Users can wish to use both the application to walk and get rewards and our staking platform to stake Step tokens and get more rewards.

We have one of the best staking platform that doesn't have a token lock up via which users are free to withdraw the tokens ( if the users wish to take the tokens back before 72 hours then there is a fee of 1% and then a small fee of 5% only on profits earned).

Staking puts your Step® tokens to work, it generates incentives while it is staked.Step is a Staking enabled cryptocurrency which uses a "consensus technique" known as Proof of Stake to ensure that all transactions are validated and protected without the involvement of a bank or payment processor. If you choose to stake your Step tokens, it becomes a part of the process and you earn rewards as the part of the process. Which in generates more income to our Step users.

We support manual as well as auto compounding to get our step users the best annual percentage yield (APY) out of your staking.

Benefits of staking Step®?

  • Users can earn passive income.

  • With no lockup period the possibility of earning a good reward is very high.

  • Our users have already staked over 4 million US dollars worth of tokens and counting.

  • Users when staking their tokens get involved in the process of proof of stake.

  • When users stake their tokens it makes the project much stronger which in turn attracts new users and takes the project to new heights.

Staking is not compulsory, users can wish to stake their tokens and earn rewards and in turn get more our of their investment without much work. With our Auto compounding staking becomes more efficient with more benefits to our Step® token holders.

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