Step® Cards Collection

People who could not mint Step® Cards (NFTs) can always purchase it on OpenSea marketplace where already minted NFTs are listed.

Step® Cards were created by a team of exceedingly gifted people who dominate in the field of art, animation and graphics . Step® Cards are a major part of step ecosystem. Step® strives to provide the best products in the market and without any uncertainty Step® Cards are the best in today’s market. For the obvious reasons our NFTs are not just unique and original, at the same time they are also highly detailed and best in graphics.

Distinguished features of our NFTs are Trendy, eye-catching, funky yet subtle.

Step® Cards resemble a human figure with huge and attractive oval shaped eyes which are very attractive

They also come in attractive clothing and additional accessories like headband boots.

They differ with each other in such a way that even the slightest change gives rise to a whole new NFT. In addition graffiti is also included to give a funky look. There is so much variety in our pool that it creates a confusion among our customers and makes them buy more than one. The bandwidth of colors vary from pitch black to metallic finish.

Step® users can choose from hundreds of NFTs from our pool according to their taste and liking and be a part of our fast-growing community. Step® Cards satisfy clients all around the world and are not limited to one time zone or single community. The overwhelming response from clients have encouraged us to actively grow and achieve greater height day by day.

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